There’s madness in the hills of Clare and it’s seeping from the aural into the very watchable indeed. Mustang Hobo, purveyors of funky, technical craic are flexing comedy and surreality muscles with their latest effort, a short film/music video for new song “So, You Think I’m Crazy?”.

With lyrics that wackily track the craic that is going mad because of your art, the video adds a whole new layer of mindf*ckery as it blends those themes with near-death-experience, severe hallucinogenic dissociation, and being taken by the fairies.

I’m fairly sure they’ve crammed God and Himself into this one as well. Oh and the sweet combination of saxophone solo and ice-cream reminds us of why George Orwell said, “every joke is a tiny revolution”.

Watch this video now because it’s not too late to say you heard them before everyone else. Or maybe I’m just f*ckin mad. Mustang hobo play Sweeneys on Dame Street this Paddy’s day! Get on it AF!!