My Favourite Runner Up has recently released the second single from their 2014 album, ‘Crossroads’. “Never Again” was released on the 6th of March and follows their first single from that album, “Poison”.

The pop punk quartet, comprised of Chris Evans, Tom Carr, Lee Walker and Tom Hawkes, have enjoyed consistent and increased exposure in early 2015 with a recent tour of the U.K. which promoted the full-length album and new single..

I enjoyed this song concerning lost love and no more chances. There is no real intro to the song with maybe four or five bars of descending notes on the electric guitar before the lyrics kick in. This song starts off at a high tempo and stays with this throughout the song, slowing down briefly in the bridge and pre-chorus. These breaks in the pace of the song lead nicely into the chorus.

Overall the song is solid and a catchy, cool song that I have listened to four or five times now but there is nothing there to make it a special song that will stick in the memory for a long time. While the verse leads nicely into the chorus and the vocals of the song are excellent, it is a bit repetitive with the same form all the way through. It’s not a special song, but it’s a good song.

Compared to the first single from ‘Crossroads’, “Poison”, this song is not as upbeat as the theme of lost love weighs heavily on the feeling given from the song. This translates into the video, which shows a man grow increasingly frustrated with a lost friend or a lost flame with her new boyfriend and saying, “Baby you will never ever get better than me”. However, although the song is not dealing with a happy subject matter, we don’t really get the feeling from listening to it that this is a serious topic. The feeling I get is of relief for the guy in the video that he can let her go.

Without delving into the meanings behind every single facial expression matched with a lyric from the song(I study English, I’m sorry), this song will do My Favourite Runner Up good in their quest for notoriety as it is a catchy tune and a good one to throw on every once in a while.

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