Up and coming British musician Naomi made a mark last September when she released her stunning single, “Rivers Run”. With acclaim coming in from the likes of the Huffington Post, The Independent and The Times, it gave the nineteen year old artist a well-deserved boost in the direction of mainstream success. Now she has returned to wow audiences again with a brand new EP entitled Take Back the Power.

Cool acoustic riffs introduce the title track and absorb on the way to the laid-back refrain of the first verse. The electronics erupt rousingly underneath the spirited singing of the enthusiastic chorus before things tone back for another sobering stanza. It’s all very vitalising as the enlivening lyrics resonate through to a chilling breakdown in the middle. This is followed by a final heartfelt harmony ahead of a fervent fade out.

A synth-infused remix of the eponymous anthem bridges the gap from here to the urgent opening of “My Mistake”. The ensuing instrumentation remains pressing while the melody mesmerises with its solemn sensibility. The atmosphere stays affecting across slick stanzas and acute choruses as the proceedings progress. What results is an emotional electropop piece that leaves a lasting impression.

“Didn’t Make the Grade” grips afterwards by being poignant yet pleasant as it glides gracefully forward upon vibrant vocals and touching instrumentation. There’s a wistful air exuded by the music and melody that keeps it compelling until a second remix of “Take Back the Power” arrives to bring the record to an uplifting finish.

Naomi has made an immersive mixture of pop, dance and R ‘N’ B that displays plenty of power and passion. The radio friendly feel and accessible style of each song should push her further along the road to chart triumph. You can find Take Back the Power for yourself on iTunes now.


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