Narcos Series 2 gets an explosive new trailer

The search continues for Colombia’s most notorious drug criminal Pablo Escobar, as Netflix has revealed a brand new trailer for the upcoming series of the critically acclaimed series Narcos. 

Series 2 will continue where the first one left off, in which Escobar (Wagner Moura) has escaped from his personal prison La Catedral, sparking a nationwide hunt for the multi-billionaire drug lord. However Escobar finds himself more vulnerable than ever, no longer protected by La Catedral, a luxurious, sprawling enclosed mansion in which Escobar’s own men acted as prison guards. No longer protected by his hundreds of men, Escobar is soon being tracked down by American special forces.

Based on actual events and judging from the trailer, Narcos series 2 will take place in 1992 and possibly culminate in *SPOILERS* Escobar’s death the following year.