“To Where Tengger Leads Me” is the debut solo effort of Nature Ganganbaigal, the accomplished film composer and singer/songwriter for Mongolian Folk Metal band, Tengger Cavalry. Ganganbaigal has described the album as an attempt to blend traditional Mongolian music with modern and international music.

The album opens with “The Expedition”. It’s a high energy track with buckets of atmosphere and serves as a great opener. It is followed by “Legend on Horseback” which has a similarly epic tone. It’s obvious that Ganganbaigal’s work in film played a huge part in the composition of this album. The music is incredibly dramatic and well executed. It wouldn’t be hard to imagine hearing these songs these songs in the theatre.

Being proficient in both Mongolian horse-head fiddle and the phenomenon that is throat singing, Ganganbaigal treats us to both throughout the album. Tracks such as “Galloping Steeds” are examples of this.

“The Ritual” is a change of pace, taking things down a few gears, without losing the intensity of the first few songs. It leads into “Golden Horde” which shows Ganganbaigal’s attempts at blending Mongolian music with other world music.

The final track is “Homeland Song”, it’s the only song on the album with vocals. It starts with a gentle acoustic guitar before crunchy distorted guitars take over. It serves as a great way to end the album the album.

“To Where Tengger Leads Me” is intense, dramatic and incredibly well written. Definitely worth checking out if you want to expand your listening.


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