Nature are a contemporary jazz quartet featuring Kevin Higgins acting as composer and bassist, Chris Guilfoyle on guitar, Tommy Gray on drums and Sarah Red on vocal duties. Despite being founded in January 2011 and releasing their debut album “Forget the Theory”, the group have only gigged sporadically during their time together. I was delighted upon finding out they’d be playing The International last Thursday.

The opening act was an instrumental jazz trio that didn’t actually have a name. It featured Nature’s very own Kevin Higgins once again taking on bass duties as well as a drummer and guitarist. The groups spooky, haunting instrumental pieces were expertly executed and really helped set the mood for the night. Hopefully, this isn’t the last we hear of these guys.

Shortly after the first band had finished their set Nature took to the stage. The group played songs from their album as well as several new songs. Higgins and Gray really laid down the foundation that allowed Guilfoyle and Red to show off their skills, it was great to see a group of musicians working so well together in such an intimate setting.

Though their set was quite short, the band proved that despite not having played live in a while the band has still got it, I do hope they get busy sooner rather than later. They will be one of the first jazz bands playing the Hard Working Class Heroes festival on October 1st, so if you’re going to that you should do yourself a favour and check them out!

You can download their debut album for free here.

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