Irish musician Nella has been hard at work lately, both in the studio and out on her homeland’s live scene. Having played shows all around the country – including at such renowned native venues as Whelan’s, Townhouse Galway and Wexford Arts Centre – the singer/songwriter also occasionally likes to change things up a bit by sharing her music on the streets of Dublin and Cork.

Right now though, she’s gearing up for the release of her debut EP, Revolution, after spending the last six months perfecting it. Opening up with cool, crisp guitars, the record’s title track sails into vibrant vocals before building up speed and moving forward upon slick synths and affecting background instrumentation. It gets the proceedings off to an enthusiastic and expressive start.

Subtle piano keys follow up to guide “Crazy For You” towards a clear cut, bracing harmony. Together, they forge a solemn ambience as things unfold gently. More musical elements join in as the track gradually grows, resulting in a delicate and moving ballad that’s rich with emotion.

The sombre, penetrating vocals of “Beautiful” cut across reserved instrumentation that progresses determinedly. Loaded with energy and spirit, it continues to expand in scale, washing pleasantly over the senses and stirring consistently. “I Wanna Know” succeeds it as another sobering composition, given life by poignant pianos and strings. It’s a suitably resonant finale that lingers in the air once it finishes.

Nella has crafted some very touching and accessible pop pieces here that rest easy on the ears. The soft, heartfelt execution of each offering results in a harmless and inoffensive sound that should allow its artist to win over a wide audience.

Revolution is available for pre-order on iTunes now.

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