Neoga Blacksmith offers the audience an alternative sound that is truly reminiscent of deep south blues. There sound could best be described as Americana, with splices of influence from the jazz, rock, grunge and rockabilly movement. Neoga Blacksmith utilises sounds associated with the deep south and produces a contemporary take on a classic sound. The gravely vocals are entwined with the rhythmic guitar’s riffs, creating an intoxicating array of sounds that would leave even the most discerning listener’s foot tapping. Neoga Blacksmith use a clever mix of genres to create an eclectic album that will stand the test of time.

The stand out track is arguably ‘Greasepaint’ It’s use of raspy vocals and meandering bass guitar is the epitome of what one would expect from a deep south band. The vocals and bass are supported with a subtle, yet impressive drumming throughout. Another impressive track is ‘Formaldehyde’, this number is evocative of the 70’s excess and old school rock. It feels, at times, reminiscent of some work The Doors would have done, perhaps Neoga Blacksmith drew influence from Jim Morrison and co for this album.

‘Three Knocks’ is another 70’s inspired number from these southern boys, this track feels as though it was influenced by Latin American blues, the use of the Mexican Vihuela coupled with the traditional instruments used in North American blues lend this song a unique edge. ‘Rutland’ would be a perfect dive bar track, in fact, Neoga Blacksmith’s whole album wouldn’t feel out-of-place echoing around a dive bar. ‘Rutland’ follows a storyline narrative, with calming instrumentals, perfect for a summer’s evening in a dive bar. ‘Scrappers Delight’ is the most upbeat song on the album, a jazzy piano features throughout and lifts the song, the songs clever instruments will ensure that you will find yourself nodding along as you listen.

Neoga Blacksmith are a unique collective of musicians that highlight the fragile nature of the American Dream with their music, their raspy vocals are licked by beautiful instrumentals; their lyrics are poetic, strong and beautiful. If you’re a fan of The Door, MGMT, Janis Joplin or even Jimi Hendrix then give these lads a listen.