Neon Atlas – ‘Velocity’ Single Review

Neon Atlas – ‘Velocity’ Single Review

Cork-based indie-act Neon Atlas have just posted the official video for the their forth-coming single Velocity ​which goes on release May 15th. The single is taken from their forth-coming album Graffiti Reality which will be out in July. Neon Atlas have been together since early 2013 and released their debut album Absolute Magnitude the same year.

“Velocity” draws you in from the first note. The powerful guitar riff and marching snare is immediately uplifting. It’s difficult to decipher each lyric over the hammering drums and crashing hi-hats, nevertheless the vocals are indelible and the sincerity of Kieran Ring’s delivery is irresistible. The awesome bassline gives the song it’s magnetic pulse.

The video opens up with the viewer (a.k.a Kieran Ring) passively watching television alone in darkness while various visuals fill the screen. Through the flashing ultraviolet lights we see the band rocking out amidst the psychedelic scene. Half way through the video we see the viewer stand up and vivaciously put his foot through the television. The video is a bedazzlement of incandescence, so much so that viewers should nearly be warned of such flashing images and awesome music.

There’s definitely a touch of power pop with punk qualities, similar to of some of Placebo’s earlier work. This highly anticipated release will be supported with tours of venues and music festivals across the UK and Ireland.