Neon Wolf are a Kilkenny based alternative pop quartet who recently released their new track “All Of It’s Yours” ahead of their sold out Whelan’s gig on June 11th. Rose recently sat down with singer Rob Grace to have a chat.


Summer is going to be pretty busy for you, not only have you the gig in Whelan’s and the recording session up in Belfast, you are also playing Indiependence in Cork. Busy times but it must be so exciting?

Yeah, we played Longitude last years and now we are really looking forward to playing Indiependence. They have a brilliant line-up like Walking on Cars, The Kooks, Editors, it’s a lovely festival. I went when it was on the first year and it really made me want to start the band and play some festivals and at the time we had a bet that I would come back and play it and here we are!!

Are you going to hang around and catch some of the other bands that are playing that weekend?

I plan on hanging around, I love seeing The Frank and Walters, they are one of my favourite bands and they are excellent live. They are hilarious live, great banter, but also Ash and Bell X1. I saw Ash a few years back at a festival we played. They were great.

What musician would you bring back for one more performance?

Defo Freddie Mercury; he has to be the greatest vocalist….

He also rode about on stage on Darth Vaders shoulders!…..

True, who else can say they did that!

Before we go, The Eurovision this year had a guy performing naked with a wolf on stage, any chance you guys could adapt this for your gigs?

I have always wanted to do something as I love dancing, not that I am good, I just like throwing shapes so I always wanted to do a video of a person, not necessarily me, just a person dancing in different spots, nothing technical. But naked, probably not although throw a few drinks in us and ya never know. When you are performing and the crowd wants it, just go with it.

But the wolf would probably be someone dressed up as I love animals and I don’t think the wolf would like it. If you wanna go dress up, grand…. 

So I can dress as wolf for your gig?

Yes, now where do we get the wolf costume?

On that note, we’ll leave it there!

If you want to hear more from Neon Wolf, they play Whelan’s Saturday 11th of June and Indipendence festival which takes place at Deer Farm, Mitchelstown, Cork from July 29th to 31st. Neon Wolf play the Saturday. To keep up to date with the band follow them on Facebook, Twitter and their website No wolves were harmed in the making of this interview!

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