Neverise release debut single “Everything You’ve Done”

While British alt-rock ensemble Neverise may only have dropped their first single on February 23rd, their followers already number in the tens of thousands. This is owed largely to the fact that a loyal fanbase has followed bassist Richard Davis, drummer Ted Claxton and guitarists Nick Ayre and Mikey Davis from their former band.

While playing as part of Follow You Home, the four Derby based musicians made a name for themselves performing across the UK and Europe, as well as garnering airplay on both radio and television in their homeland. After that project came to an end in 2014, the decision was made to regroup and reinvent, leading to the recruitment of vocalist Jessica Matthews and giving birth to Neverise.

Matthews was certainly no stranger to the music industry prior to joining up, having been a part of several other bands in the past and partaking in a solo career of her own. The addition of her striking vocal talent to the proficient instrumental skills of her peers has set Neverise on an exciting path, bursting with potential. One need only listen to their debut release, “Everything You’ve Done”, to be assured of that.

The new track begins small with an ominous riff that soon blasts into forceful guitars and drums. An uproarious chant sets in ahead of an acute harmony that’s packed full of attitude and expression. The chorus erupts into a riveting rhythm and melody, infused with a punky disposition. It all washes over the senses and takes hold, captivating completely.

Neverise are off to a flying start with this inaugural effort. It’s a vigorous rock anthem that’s loaded with passion, enthusiasm and emotion. From here, the future certainly looks very promising for these guys.

The fivesome will be performing live together for the first time at The Victoria Inn in their hometown of Derby on June 5th, ahead of playing at the Manchester Academy on June 6th. In the meantime, check them out on Facebook and Twitter for all the latest news and updates.

“Everything You’ve Done” is currently available for download from iTunes.