It’s a cold and stormy Thursday night in Galway city. The wind is howling through the streets and the rain is crashing down from the heavens. None of that matters a damn bit though within the walls of local venue, Róisín Dubh. As homegrown punk band Nevernoodz take to the stage it’s all fire and fervor.

The three piece ensemble are playing their first show following a several year break, but you’d never know it by their performance. Bassist/vocalist Laura Finnegan, her brother drummer/vocalist Brendan Finnegan and guitarist/vocalist Alan Corcoran sail effortlessly through their setlist. They do so with a sense of skill and passion that doesn’t betray even the slightest hint that they’ve been away from the game for any length of time.

It’s an intimate event and the band know exactly how to elicit an ecstatic response from the crowd through their vigorous showmanship. Their delightfully old school punk approach to music manifests itself in a compilation of raucous anthems that are perfect for unleashing upon a live audience.

Songs such as “Good Days & Clichés”; which blasts into a fast paced, heavy riff amid smooth, melodic vocals. The energy is just as relentless during “P-Rock”, as it takes off with a slick, flawlessly executed bass line that’s soon joined by thunderous drums and hectic guitars. The defiant chant of “I’ll eat your Facebook” during the song of the same name is ideal for bellowing at a live crowd, inciting them to bellow it back. You need only check out the Nevernoodz Bandcamp page if you doubt the infectiousness of their material.

“Weight of the World” showcases a classic disaffected punk attitude, with its bounce along beat and raw, coarse vocals. “Down With This Sort Of Thing” introduces itself with another striking bass line sandwiched between piercing guitar blasts. It then erupts into wonderfully recalcitrant lyrics and rambunctious instrumentation. The band also find time to squeeze in a brand new track named “Burt Ward” – for those unaware, he was the actor who played Batman’s sidekick Robin way back before Christopher Nolan John Blaked the character up! The track is another boisterous composition that slips seamlessly in with their established work.

The response from those gathered only escalates and becomes more zealous with each successive track. Moshing, dancing and singing along are encouraged by the music’s rebellious disposition and the exchange of lighthearted banter between Nevernoodz and their congregation. It creates a marvelously friendly and interactive atmosphere, culminating in an amusing attempt at building a human pyramid by several of the spectators.

Nevernoodz certainly know how to put on a good show. Everyone present, band members and onlookers alike, seemed to embrace the music to its fullest and appreciate being a part of the occasion. It’s refreshing to experience a gig by a band that know how to keep classic punk idioms alive and capitalise upon them to exercise their own creativity.

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