Influences abound aplenty on this new EP called ‘Remission’ from New Jersey post-punk alt rock 4 piece band New Politicians. Darkness and dusk are the order of the day as songs like ‘Images’ shock the listener with stark, violent and visceral venom.

This sense of foreboding is a very difficult sound to pull off. Bands such as Joy Division and Nirvana are past masters of this sinister type of soundtrack and provide a wonderful standard for others to follow. New Politicians really embrace and expand upon this template with vocalist Renal Anthony spewing forth lines like these on the track ‘Been in the Wars’ :–

“Love is a war we wage. Filled with words we hate”

This is the sort of music that I have loved all of my life, being indoctrinated from a very early age to the skill, mastery, talent and genius of bands like the Smiths and the Cure, so perhaps my opinions are somewhat skewed on the subject matter. Perfection is not a necessity for this genre and difference is something to be envied, not sneered at. After listening to this album once I was already impressed and awaited repeat plays with relish.

This can only be a positive sign for future endeavours from these US alternative rockers and who knows where they could end up if they receive adequate support from an established record label.
The future looks bright for the members of the band. Gian Cortese on guitar and keyboards, his brother Renal Anthony on vocals and guitar with drummer Erik Watson and Winston Mitlo on bass. They’ve just got a new twitter fan in me and I can definitely see a huge potential market for them to become real behemoths of the post-punk rock era.