Manchester musicians The New Southern Electrikk may be relatively new to the scene, but they’re already turning heads the world over. The five piece ensemble draw inspiration from the genres of krautrock, psychedelia and post-punk to forge their own unique style which has evidently been working to their advantage thus far.

New single, “Brown Eyes”, has gotten the band featured in magazines throughout the UK, Europe and America, as well as having been showcased on radio stations across six continents. They also recently made an appearance on Channel 4’s Dispatches to perform the piece.

Originally conceived by key player Rikki Turner close to a decade and a half ago, “Brown Eyes” was born out of heartbreak, being about a woman who left him. The solemn nature of the subject matter is reflected in the subtle guitar work that introduces the track ahead of a forlorn melody. Reserved and poignant instrumentation persists during the verse, generating a gentle sound that’s pleasant on the ears despite the sombre theme. The altogether simple and mellow execution gives a retro-pop kind of vibe to the whole thing.

The new song can be found on iTunes, along with two B-sides, the first of which is titled “The Theme to The New Southern Electrikk”. This entirely instrumental composition adopts a very different technique, being heavy on the synths and bass. Its consistent electronic beat creates an enthralling rhythm that’s not unlike an overture from a superhero movie.

The final offering, “Mother of Earth”, is more in line with the lead track. A relaxed but steady drum beat establishes a laid-back ambience, paving the way for enthusiastic vocals that pace along determinedly. Remaining resolute and animated throughout, it’s a composition that is somehow simultaneously calming and stimulating.

Considering the accessibility and straightforward approach of their material, it’s not difficult to appreciate why The New Southern Electrikk have been garnering so much attention around the globe. “Brown Eyes” is a very radio friendly creation that affords the band a good start on the road to mainstream success.

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