American alt-rock ensemble Newborn originally emerged in 2005 when high school friends Allen James and Eric Weglicki were inspired to begin a band by their mutual love of music. Drawing influence from iconic acts such as Nirvana, Muse and Metallica, the pair wold continue to play together for another eight years before putting on their first live performance in 2013.

Following the departure of their drummer and bassist soon after the show, they recruited percussionist Blake Suben to join them in their endeavour, completing their current line-up. Now the trio are getting ready to unleash their self-titled EP, which will arrive in June and feature five tracks including their latest single, “Beautiful Disguise”.

It starts with some subtle bass that teams up with a relaxing riff which accelerates alongside pleasant yet pressing percussion on the way to the laid-back but lively verse. A mellow melody sails smoothly across it all, keeping calm and compelling before bursting into a slick and exciting chorus. There’s a dark but dignified edge to the whole thing as it paces purposefully forward, sounding simultaneously elegant and ominous.

An exhibition of invigorating guitars guides things towards the next slick stanza where the refrain remains arresting and refined. More riveting riffs step into the spotlight just past the three minute mark, building a bracing bridge to the cool climactic chorus, after which the music drifts out gently. The result is an extremely stylish song that stays very vibrant and vitalising as it unfolds. Its rousing radio-friendly feel and enlivening delivery make it well suited to achieving chart success.

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