Listen to this. The gentle and docile tones of eighteen year old Niamh Crowther are truly chilling. Her broad and malleable vocal range is notably one of the best I have encountered in a long time. There is not a note incorrectly placed, and there is neither a second, nor a tone that does not resonate with the listener. Moreover, it is not surprising that Crowther won the 2013 Irish Youth Music Awards.

Equally important is the piano accompaniment and it is featured as a gracious support, and augments the strong and tonal vocal melody sung by Meath’s Crowther. The song discusses having to move away and abandon ones place or “choosing head over heart”. This may be a contemporary reflection upon our current status of imminent emigration but we will always say “take me home where I belong, back to my origins.”

I highly recommend taking the time to listen to this song, and please note that there are two upcoming opportunities to hear Niamh Crowther live. This single is being launched in Whelans, Dublin on March 25th, and Crowther will be supporting PictureHouse at the Unitarian Church, Dublin on March 8th.

Origins was produced by Colm Finnegan in Windmill Lane with help from Daniel Loughran, and musicians Orlaith McHugh and Muireann Ní Cheannabháin. Origins will be available as a free download from on its release date of March 30th and will be available on iTunes, Google Play and Spotify.
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