One of the appeals of music is it’s ranges of possibility and potential variety. This can stem from an artist’s influences, environment, and experiences. Night Dials’ back story goes some way to explaining how they arrived at their “DIY 60s pop” sound, and they have definitely achieved something impressive.

Their 60’s sound was born from recording in Liam Watson’s Toe Rag Studios, using pre-1969 equipment, allowing the band to tap into a vibe that is rarely heard nowadays. The double A-side singles they recorded were “I’ve Done More Things” and “I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead”.

With “I’ve Done More Things”, similarities with this era can be heard immediately, as the intro echoes that of The Velvet Underground’s “I’m Waiting For The Man”. The familiar guitar and drums power into the song, before vocals reminiscent of MGMT enter with a catchy melody that displays real promise.

Music from the 60’s often boasted a rawness and certain energy to it that is rare to hear nowadays, but the Night Dials do an admirable job of capturing it.The chorus displays a change that adds another dimension to the song, solidifying it as a fun and exciting track, the strength of which is found in it’s simplicity.

“I’ll Sleep When I Die” is a short song at 2:17 and personally I enjoyed the brevity as I see it as a brave move to negate the need to adhere to a standard approximate song length. The song flows continuously, kicking into gear in the last minute. There is a floating, ethereal way that sees the band’s psychedelic sound emerging.

Like the previous, this song is rough around the edges and while this is certainly an appeal, they may require some fine tuning to strike a tone that would transform them into a formidable 60’s style band.

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