British musicians Will Pollard and Liam Waddell struck up a friendship after finding that they shared a mutual love of acts such as Nirvana, Pixies and Queens of the Stone Age. Deciding to join forces to forge some songs inspired by the sounds of their childhood heroes, the duo adopted the name Night Owls and went to work on their soon to be released debut EP, Informaldehyde.

The four track undertaking explodes to life with the raucous riffs of “Gilded Lily”. The guitars continue to hit hard underneath a remarkably raw refrain on the way forward. There’s a very vigorous vibe given off by the bracing instrumentation and incensed singing that makes the whole thing extremely arresting ahead of the dire introduction of “She”. This urgent effort exhibits distorted instrumentation that maintains a pressing pace beneath volleys of vociferous vocals. Its humour remains heavy as it drifts doggedly in the direction of a fiery finish.

“Why Me?” is much mellower next, despite displaying a demeanour that’s just as disaffected. Restrained stanzas excite amid clamorous choruses full of feeling and fervour. It’s an incredibly discontented endeavour that packs a powerful punch as it progresses. “Call Me Out” stays sullen afterwards, stomping in via vehement vocals atop intense instrumentation. The outcome is an irate affair that brings the compilation to a characteristically contemptuous conclusion.

Night Owls have compiled a collection of loud and abrasive alt-rock anthems that are loaded with energy and expression. The enticingly acute style and wonderfully rough edge of each offering result in a record that’s sure to appeal to grunge fans everywhere.

Informaldehyde is available for pre-order on Big Cartel now.

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