Following their formation in 2013, Welsh alt-rock ensemble Nineteen Fifty Eight spent two years building up a fervent fan-base in their homeland by touring alongside the likes of The Dirty Youth, Brawlers and Fearless Vampire Killers before unleashing their inaugural record, When Will I Get to You?, in the summer of 2015.

Now they’re getting ready to take their career to the next level with the release of their latest EP, Dark Blue. Recorded in conjunction with producer Romesh Dodangoda, the freshly forged six track compilation commences with the cool crooning and laid-back but bracing riffs of its invigorating title track. “Under the Skin” begins by bursting into a barrage of boisterous guitars in its wake before settling down for a sobering first verse. The ambience remains mellow as the music and melody meander meditatively forward, giving rise to an enthrallingly chilled out alternative anthem ahead of the captivatingly clamorous “Optimistic”.

“God Forbid” feels foreboding next, showcasing an assortment of enticingly stirring serenades and absorbingly ominous instrumentation as it ambles atmospherically towards the tranquil introduction of “Temporary Feelings”. This hushed but haunting affair acts as an affecting preface to the more thunderous but no less touching “Watch Me Burn”, which goes on to guide things to a remarkably rousing terminus.

Nineteen Fifty Eight have composed a collection of accessibly soft yet exceptionally expressive alt-rock tunes here that rest easy on the ears and rivet at the same time. The cordial but cogent vocal work combined with the consistently chilling instrumentation of each song should go down well with a wide audience. You can check Dark Blue out for yourself on iTunes now.

Nineteen Fifty Eight: Dark Blue EP review

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