Swedish electro-pop artist Ninsun Poli first hit the scene a decade ago with her debut EP, For Real. Following a European tour and a supporting stint for The Fugees, she entered into an extended hiatus only to re-emerge with a vengeance last year, releasing her sophomore record, Breaking Rules. Finding favour with radio stations in her homeland, the singer/songwriter found herself climbing the charts, which led to stage time at both the Great Escape Festival in the UK and SXSW across the pond.

Hot on the heels of her recent success, Poli’s newest compilation, Great Leap Forward, dropped on April 24th. Taking off with “Good”, it builds amid fervent percussion and airy background synths before erupting into piercing electronics. An enthralling harmony persists throughout, helping to add a haunting quality to the whole thing.

It’s followed by the arresting, bassy riff that begins “Forever” ahead of a captivating and characterful melody. A bustling beat soon jumps in and explodes alongside lively synths just past the minute mark. From here, things race vigorously forward, generating an infectious energy that’s tailor made for encouraging people to bounce along.

Afterwards, the reverberating vocals of “Heartless” unfold across subtle synths that continue to evolve and build anticipation as they’re joined by tumultuous percussion. Despite being a comparatively reserved offering, its restless rhythm makes for a gripping listen.

The distant, ethereal instrumentation of its successor, “Eye of the Beholder”, prefaces a chilling harmony that washes over the senses and grows to epic levels. The electronic flair of previous entries is still very much present, but there’s a more solemn and sobering ambience that’s emphasized by some stirring piano keys.

Title track “Great Leap Forward” dives straight into a funky beat that dances towards a salvo of incredibly catchy vocals. This leads to an upbeat chorus, full of vibrant instrumentation that thrills and excites as it blares out behind the irresistible melody. It’s a cheerful and quirky finale that’s a whole lot of fun.

Ninsun Poli’s latest endeavour is a fast and flavourful collection of electro anthems that sit comfortably between the genres of mainstream pop and dance. There’s quite a bit of diversity squeezed in which keeps things compelling and allows for a vast amount of accessibility.

Great Leap Forward is available on iTunes now and is definitely worth a look.



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