People Are Weird is the latest album from an artist known as No Monster Club. The man behind No Monster Club is Bobby, who often has his friends Mark Chester and Paddy Hanna join him live and in the studio. It’s no wonder the album is called People Are Weird because it’s a collection of eleven unusual and intriguing songs. Throughout the whole album there’s a sense of familiarity, but you can still hear and feel it’s own unique selling point.

The opening number on this record is called “Can’t Get Enough of That Hippy Dippy Bullshit”. One glance at the title and you’re interested, you can’t deny it. Yet there is absolutely no way to be able to predict what you’re about to hear. The song begins with the vocalist singing the title, which repeats throughout the whole song. The whole track has a kind of nursery rhyme feel to it, it’s hard to explain properly but that’s the sense you get from it. The harmonies follow and add another layer to the song, plus backing vocals which all merge together brilliantly. The drums and percussion are one of the best parts of this song; the beat is irresistible. Whilst the tempo is only moderate, and it’s not exactly a “dance along” song, it still has that element of catchiness that makes you bop along. There’s even a synth played towards the end of the song, which is joined, by what sounds like a squeezebox, it’s so unusual but creates great character. Overall this is a great track and it’s hard not to sing, “Can’t get enough…” after listening to it just once.

The fourth track of the album is known by the name “I’ve Retired”, the lead single. This song kicks off much like a lot of great songs, with drums, guitar and bass. The bass is the first thing to keep you hooked as it thumps away. An awesome synth riff shortly follows that – it’s unbelievably catchy. In fact, the whole song is catchy; you won’t be able to stop singing it. The vocals sound amazing, the tone of the voice, the melody and the harmonies are fantastic. The breakdown to a quiet break is followed by a bridge, which features a guitar part in harmony. The most noticeable thing about it is that it’s slightly out of tune, but it works. It goes well with the rest of the song and the other instruments. This track is a whole is great, and was a great choice as a single. It really represents the album well and shows you only a fraction of what amazing creativity the rest of the record has to offer.

The closing track of this album is “Harvard”. This song stands out the most; it’s very different to the rest of the tracks. It opens with a clean sounding guitar, ever so slightly out of tune. This seems to be a signature feature on the album. The bass line is killer and lays down a great foundation, making the song mellow and chilled. The best element of this song however, is when the percussion comes into play. You want to just clap along and join in. Another thing that’s really great is after the percussion, it builds higher and higher and it feels like it will keep going, but instead it comes back down and surprises you. Another wonderful element is that the vocals are very rhythmic, which isn’t often the case. This song was a great selection for the final track of the album. It has all the elements of a top song.

This album overall is spectacular, one which no-one will want to miss. It may take you a while to warm up to it, only because it’s so unique, but once you do you will be in love with this piece of music. It’s so enjoyable and memorable.  I would recommend it to anyone, especially those seeking a breath of fresh air from the world of music. People Are Weird is an amazing album and No Monster Club should be proud of the masterpiece they have created.

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