Alternative pop music raises its head again and in recent years the nostalgic style of the fifties and sixties doo wop style has become popular with the likes of Amy Winehouse and the Noisettes fronting the appeal.

Well straight out of Montclair New Jersey are “a bunch of friends who are doing what they love” they call themselves No Noise and they have recently released their six song set Strange Times. Not only does Strange Times exude a nostalgic feel it has a valiant punk rock sound too. Once you get over the repetitive first track Damages the album really kicks in.

Highlights include:

Play Dumb, which has a cool bluesy vibe going on yet retaining the garage band alternative sound.

People Downstairs, the most pop sounding song really has the throwback sound going on and it really shines here. Yet it retains a modern appeal, it’s very reminiscent of the Noisettes with an indie rock vibe.

Sadie Hawkins, again this is very doo wopish with its oohhs and ahhs. It’s a great little pop number which would make any of the sixties girl groups blush.

Exurbs is the standout, the song is a poignant rock ballad beautifully sung by Mikaela Itkin-Weinstein the groups lead singer. Although when the song ends, you can hear some studio banter and someone says “fuck”, maybe that could have been edited out.

With just six songs on the EP, Strange Times is indeed sweet. And for the most part is refreshing foraying into the throwback-ish pop sound interwoven with a raw Indie, Alternative with a Garage Rock style.

All in all its good! Very Good and is well worth checking out.

Strange Times is available now on iTunes

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