This is a bit of an odd one.

The introduction is rather beautiful and as it develops images of snowflakes gently striking window panes spring to mind. The song itself is a simultaneous lament on lost love and the loss of childhood. It remains, despite its rather sombre subject matter, a rather whimsical piece; it floats along rather like a child chasing a balloon. It reminds me of the likes of Donovan and has a carefree flowerchild flavor to it.

Some industrial sound structures are introduced towards the end of the piece, which I don’t really believe add anything, although I am still on the fence as to whether they detract from the composition as a whole. Thankfully they are short-lived and the rest drifts along to a satisfying conclusion; a return to the state of innocent bliss with which the vocal element began. I suppose I would be lying if I claimed that Orphanage was not a catchy song, I did find myself humming it at odd moments, although perhaps that was due to the epic procrastination I put myself through before finally writing this review.

It certainly fits the ‘lovely music’ genre, it’s the type of thing you could play for your mammy and not get an earful about ‘proper’ music and ‘back in my day’. It’s also the sort of thing I could imagine gracing numerous television adverts and film soundtracks in the near future. I could certainly see Nozart going places. His choice of stage name would also suggest that he believes he will to, although whether he is the next Donovan or a sunshine super sham I will leave to the reader to decide.

If, like myself, you simply listened to the Soundcloud version of the track I urge you to have a look at the accompanying animation by Amanda Bonaiuto. It really is charming. It emphasizes the hallucinatory nature of childhood memories, illustrating the confused mixture of emotions, drives and frustrations inherent in the experience through the natural archetypal imagery it employs. Taken as a whole the animation and song work rather wonderfully together and you could do worse things for 5:14 minutes I suppose, except perhaps plant a flower, although it is still far too cold for that carry on.