Since hitting the studio for the first time in 2010, childhood friends Alan Comerfold, Brendan Fennessey, Paul Savage, Phil Christie and Richie Walsh have enjoyed quite a bit of success together. As alt-rock ensemble O Emperor, the Waterford natives have played alongside renowned artists such as MGMT and taken to the stage at the likes of Benicassim and Electric Picnic. They’ve also managed to attract the attention of a number of well known media outlets, including Rolling Stone, the BBC, RTE and Hot Press magazine.

Right now though, the band are fully engrossed in the promotion of their Lizard EP and its latest single, “The Sky Is Your Oyster”. Introducing the four track compilation, the new release features a light and cheery riff, backed up by airy synths which approach an ethereal melody that reverberates throughout the first verse. From here, things sail smoothly through some extraordinary electronic effects that have an otherworldly aura. It’s a very transcendent piece that makes for a pleasant and accessible listen.

“Bogue” follows up with a fast and determined instrumental introduction before bounding into dreamy vocals that blow through the air and hang in the background. It carries a strong psychedelic sound that takes over the senses as it unfolds.

The upbeat percussion and frantic guitars of “Switchblade” arrive afterwards to preface a distorted but resolute melody. Remaining hectic and frenzied throughout, its absorbing drum beat pounds along furiously behind the rest of the energetic instrumentation and vocals.

“Trash Club” succeeds it by taking off with glitzy synths that add a touch of glamour to a piercing riff and continue through a high-pitched, vivid melody. It’s a dazzling and disorientating finale that feels like an appropriate way to close things out.

O Emperor have adopted a decidedly distinct approach to making music. Their unique and sophisticated style is rather celestial in nature, making for an almost psychotropic listening experience. For this singular sound alone, Lizard is worth taking the time to investigate.

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