In times when uninspired sameness and unjustified experimentation appear to be the norm seeing some old-school cool in the music industry is refreshing. With his upcoming album “Domestic Eccentric” Canadian singer-songwriter Chris Luedecke does justice to his stage name “Old Man” and delivers craftsmanship quality proper of yesteryears.

Each and every song in the record is a different take on family affairs. They talk about relationships, adulthood and the perks/troubles of being a parent – a reflection, thus, of the artist’s situation at the moment, his life in a backwood cabin with wife and baby twins. When art tries to replicate reality the results are often enticing.

That is why the studio of choice for this record was his own house: there’s no better place to deal with private matters than one’s own backyard. The only “intruder” Luedecke allowed in his personal statement was long-time friend and Grammy award-winner Tim O’Brien. Because, well, the multi-instrumentalist knows how to work his strings.

“Tim is my favourite musician,” explains Luedecke. “Working with him in a duet environment in a cabin at home was a waking dream.” The two had paired twice before (including for 2012’s “Tender is the Night”, which won Album of the Year at the East Coast Music Awards), but this time around the partnership sounds even more fluid and organic.

Songs like “Prologue: Yodelady” and “The Briar and the Rose” are simply delightful and good examples of the balanced arrangement the duo managed to apply throughout the entire disc. All in all, “Domestic Eccentric” sounds subtle and fun without ever losing contact with the message it is trying to convey in the best traditions of the folk and country music.

Luedecke’s fine way with language – “We’re saving up for date night so we can have our fight,” he sings in “The Early Days” –  is a perfect match to O’Brien’s skills. The poetry one writes probably wouldn’t have the same power without the accurate adorning provided by the other. Together, however, they are unison.

“Domestic Eccentric” is the seventh album by Canadian singer-songwriter Old Man Luedecke, third recorded alongside Tim O’Brien, and will be released online and in stores on 24th of July.