Olgwi originally began in 2010 as the passion project of Swedish artist Olof Widenfalk. His ambition was to compose an accessible blend of country and folk music that carried a little bit of a Nordic flair. Moving forward with his endeavour, he was soon joined by Lina Widenfalk, with whom he made his first recordings in his living room.

Following their 2012 debut album, Individuation, the duo added fellow musician and producer Nicke Widén to the lineup and sought to further expand their musical horizons. This led to the creation of the forthcoming record, Approximation, which will feature their latest single, “Deep Wind”.

Beginning with a cool and pressing acoustic riff, it plunges into a sobering harmony that sets an ominous atmosphere. Continuing to emit a solemn, foreboding vibe as it develops, it gradually builds towards a stirring duet. All the while, a plethora of chilling sound effects blow through the background, creating the impression that there literally is a wind howling along with the vocals and instrumentation. Overall though, it’s a simple and stripped down composition that makes for a fairly innocuous listen.

“Deep Wind” is available now on iTunes, along with another offering taken from Approximation entitled “King of Swing”. The latter track has a very different flavour to the former, taking off with a cheery, upbeat riff that skips happily into a rousing melody. It adopts a bright and sunny disposition as it leads to a loud and lively chorus full of merriment and optimism. The wide array of instrumental elements at play help to forge a fun and contented piece that’s rich with character and personality.

Olgwi’s straightforward approach to crafting acoustic folk/pop songs certainly doesn’t tax the senses. The harmless, inoffensive execution of their latest creations rests easy enough on the ears and isn’t likely to incur any major objection from the mainstream.

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