One Horse Pony are a hard driving acoustic blues band based in cork comprised of a mix of Irish, French, and Polish musicians. One Horse Pony have their own fresh take on blues, fusing the usual assortment of harmonica, double-bass, and soulful guitar with traditional Irish instruments such as the bodhran for a more characterful sound.

This unique sound and energetic performances have garnered them fans across the world and kept them in demand on the European festival circuit. Recently they received a fantastic reception when they played along side the Blind Boys of Alabama in the Cork Opera House

‘Staring Blues’ is the second single from their debut album, ‘Blue When I Go’, which was released March 15th.

It’s a good old blues anthem of lost love, heartache, and pining. The fire and brimstone vocals wail a ragged pining for the woman who left him maudlin and alone. A pretty standard blues affair. Despite this One Horse Pony have a unique charm that sets them apart from the crowd.

The vocals while suitably raspy, have a vulnerable quality. A rattling rhythm trundles along with a bouncy energy. A swampy guitar riff flows through the song with a laid back flow, the lead twangs and slides across the main riff with the very epitome of a blues melody . A whining harmonica interjects the vocals, matching their ennui and emphasising the theme of lethargy, love, and loss.

If you like your blues rugged yet vulnerable then ‘Staring Blues’ fits the order nicely.

Written by Kyle Mulholland