The Pale are a North Side Dublin band known for playing different genres in their music. Some of their back catalogue would not be out of place on some of the more chaotic Talking Heads records. The band first formed in 1990. Since then they have become known for their songs ‘Butterfly’ and ‘Dog With No Tail’. They have toured in Russia, Japan and Eastern Europe.

This Single ‘Such Dumb Luck’ has an indie rock feel to it. I enjoyed the mandolin and electric guitar as they complemented each other well. I didn’t enjoy the vocal track as much. To me it was too heavy and didn’t fit as well with the rest of the song, perhaps it could’ve been mixed differently.  The song to me blends the feel of Elbow, with a hint of second album Stone Roses.

You can tell that this is an experienced band that knows the sound that they want.  This song would be ideal on a playlist on Tom Dunne’s show on Newstalk.  The song will appeal to those who want to relive the good old days of the 90s indie scene in Dublin. It may not be as hyperactive as some of their early stuff, but The Pale have shown that they still have something to offer.

The Pale - Such Dumb Luck