Paul Fitzpatrick is an Irish singer/songwriter from Co. Meath. In 2014, he released his debut EP “Days Like These”. Before this, he earned his stripes playing with various rock and metal acts around Dublin. He recently released a follow-up EP entitled “Someplace New”.

The opening song is “Miserly Loves”. There’s a mix of electric and acoustic guitars intertwined. Fitzpatrick’s vocals can be both soothing and intensely soulful. Towards the end, there is an energetic guitar solo that really kicks things up a notch, showing that Fitzpatrick is a competent guitarist.

The second tune, “Voices” is another pretty song led by acoustic guitars, with an uplifting chorus and guitar harmonies. Fitzpatrick really showcases a high level of songwriting and music theory.

The title track is an uptempo number that has an alternative rock feel to it. The breakdown in the middle changes the tone, with an acoustic guitar playing what could be mistaken for flamenco music if there was no guitar solo being played over it.

“Anywhere But Here” is the final track. It’s a slower song, changing the pace a bit. The dreamy electric guitar’s fit really well, making it the highlight of the release.

Overall, “Someplace New” is an interesting mix of songs from a songwriter who doesn’t bare the same influences as most of his contemporary’s. If you’re looking for someone who does things a bit differently this is definitely worth a listen.

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