Penny Bridges is a twenty one year old singer songwriter from Wolverhampton, England. Bridges is just beginning her musical career and has two songs “You Cry Yourself Away” and “Ascendancy”, available for a gander on Soundcloud.

According to her Facebook page she feels that her songs are not “connected to any particular genre” but rather “each song is an adventure in itself”. Cool. This does explain why her two tracks are quite different. I was blown away by “You Cry Yourself Away”; it immediately made me emit an “Ooh” within the opening bars. It’s spine tingling, goose bumpy stuff, astonishing for an artist just starting out. Dreamy, cosy, with warm doses of piano and strings over the emotional lyrics, just the right amount.

“Ascendancy” is a bit more upbeat and sassy, a little bit girly although I feel it’s being done ironically. As with anybody starting out there are imperfections. Bridge affects an odd Americanised accent in her singing. Also the fact that she refuses to pigeonhole herself, while admirable, means she could face the danger of being inconsistent and failing to create her own identity. But the latter is a minor worry. Her talent at this early stage should ensure her music becomes known for its versatility. One to listen out for and I wish her well.

Suburbanite who likes to write. This year have been mostly listening to Jack White.