The name “The Persian Leaps” was originally dreamed up by frontman Drew Forsberg while attending a Greek Archaeology class. It was under this label that the singer/songwriter from Saint Paul, Minnesota went on to craft his own music for several years. This changed in 2012 when he decided to turn his solo endeavour into a three piece ensemble, whose current lineup also includes Michael McCloskey and Adam Brunner.

The self-proclaimed “noise pop” act would go on to release their debut EP, Praise Elephants, in 2013. More recently however, they’ve completed its five track follow up, Drive Drive Delay, which has been published through Land Ski Records.

Bursting into an emphatic harmony and rousing riff, the new record gets off to an enthusiastic start with catchy pop/rock anthem “Fire Starter”. Following its example, “Pretty Boy” wastes no time charging forward with yet more energetic guitars. Burning along determinedly, this short but boisterous composition also boasts some engaging vocal work.

“(Goodbye to) South Carolina” keeps things fast and furious by enlisting the aid of a punky riff. Its frantic instrumentation refuses to be subdued by its crisp, clear melody. There’s a slight reprieve as “Truth = Consequences” fades into slower but no less lively guitars. These persist during a cheerful verse that lends an upbeat, optimistic vibe to the piece.

“Permission” goes for a different approach entirely, introducing itself via fervent percussion. A mellow harmony proceeds to unfold alongside guitars that create a sense of anticipation as they build. Being twice as long as its predecessors and showcasing a number of expertly executed musical breakdowns, it brings the EP to an epic end.

While it would be easy to define The Persian Leaps’ work here as a collection of fun power pop anthems, it’s really a lot more than that. As far as Drive Drive Delay goes, such a characterisation undersells the admirable heaviness of the band’s style. These guys seem well on their way to becoming a pretty powerful mainstream rock ensemble and are definitely worth investigating.

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