Taking their name from the French word for “fear”, three piece alt-rock ensemble Peur originally came together in Manchester at the beginning of 2013. Featuring regularly on North-West England’s live scene, the band – made up of musicians Joe Lomax, Sam Tempest and Ryan Greenhalgh – cite renowned genre favourites such as Biffy Clyro, 30 Seconds to Mars and Nine Inch Nails as influences on their work.

The trio favour an intricate style of composing that they hope will win them mainstream recognition. All seems to be going according to plan so far, with their material having graced the airwaves on BBC Radio, as well as a number of other FM and web stations. Their debut EP, We Can Build Astronauts, has even received celebrity praise in the form of Korn guitarist James “Munky” Shaffer.

March 9th saw the release of the group’s latest single, “Hollow Skies”. Coasting in on some ominous effects, the piece soon blasts into a loud and lively electric riff before giving way to cool, expressive vocals for the verse. The passionately executed melody exhibits an impressive range during the immense chorus. The instruments keep themselves very busy throughout, lending quite an epic feel to the whole thing. This is a track that really feels like it matters, boasting some amazingly hard-hitting guitar work during an extended solo that builds beautifully towards the finale.

If Peur have it in them to continue to craft music of this magnitude then these guys are surely destined for greatness. “Hollow Skies” is an accessible and vivacious alt-rock anthem that is certain to find favour with fans of the genre and the mainstream alike. It is essentially listening for everyone.

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