Scottish alt-rock ensemble The Phantoms originally came together in May of 2012. Their first EP, This Is How It Should Be, saw the band embark on a small promotional tour of the UK and earned them stage time at Edinburgh’s Haddowfest. After building up a following, their debut single, “Revolution”, arrived in March of 2014 to quite a bit of fanfare. Launched at a sold out show at Sneaky Pete’s in their hometown, the track went on to receive radio play on channels across Britain.

This week saw the release of the foursome’s latest offering, “Wasting Time”. Speeding in on top of a heavy riff, it immediately penetrates in its urgency. Piercing vocals soon set in for the verse as percussion pounds along in the background. The bracing rhythm is made all the more compelling by a persistently melodic execution. A mellow instrumental breakdown in the middle serves as a brief respite before the music builds its momentum back up and sprints to the finish line.

The enthralling new single can be heard on Soundcloud, along with a selection of the band’s previous work. This includes the critically acclaimed, “Revolution”, which is quite similar in tone. Galloping into yet more pressing guitars, it erupts loudly for the chorus, taking over the senses in the process. The instrumentation remains consistently infectious, grabbing hold of your attention and refusing to let go until the piece fades out and lingers.

The Phantoms demonstrate an impressive ability to rope listeners in and keep them captive while their material unfolds. “Wasting Time” really emphasizes their capability in this regard. It’s a demanding and hefty alt-rock anthem that’s sure to have you absorbed from start to finish.

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