Australian drummer Phil Rudd may be well known for being a member of iconic rock ensemble AC/DC, but his latest project is something a little more personal. Deciding to put together some material of his own, he wrote and recorded his very first solo record in 2014. While unforeseen legal issues resulted in its release being downplayed at the time, he’s now put his problems behind him and is finally ready to unleash Head Job upon the world again.

It gets off to an intense start as the hard-hitting instrumentation of its title track fuses with a stirring serenade to forge a forceful introduction. “Sun Goes Down” is another fiery affair afterwards, engrossing via vigorous guitars and vivifying vocals. “Lonely Child” adopts a darker demeanour when it’s done, mesmerising with its mellow music before “Lost in America” heads back in a brighter direction by showcasing quick riffs alongside slick singing.

There’s a relaxing ambience generated by the gentle guitars and laid-back vocals that make up “Crazy” next. This is succeeded by the biting instrumentation of “Bad Move”, which penetrates deep as it paces purposefully towards the relatively restrained but no less enlivening “No Right”. “The Other Side” accelerates again in its wake, giving rise to a fast and furious addition that remains riveting as it unfolds.

The remarkably raw refrain of “Forty Days” resounds rousingly across energising riffs and ardent drumming on the way to the exhilarating opening of “Repo Man”. This speedy endeavour displays plenty of power and passion ahead of the bracing beat that begins “When I Get My Hands On You”. The enthusiastic effort that follows serves as a suitably spirited swansong.

Rudd has created a compelling compilation that’s loaded with life and vitality. Its adept mixture of peppy melodies and exuberant music should appeal to rock fans everywhere. Be sure to investigate Head Job for yourself when it’s re-launched on September 30th.

Phil Rudd: Head Job
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