When songwriter and artist Ida Segersten reacquainted with childhood friend and music producer Stateside at a Cult of Luna concert in 2013, they decided a collaboration was in order. It seemed only fitting, given their mutual involvement in the music industry. Soon after, Segersten sent Stateside a demo she’d made years earlier and added her fashion designer best friend ClaesMikael Svensson to the mix, giving rise to pop ensemble Pica Pica.

Their diverse background and skills in the field of art, music, design and production inspired the trio to expand the project into “a creative art crew.” They played their first show at Sofar in Stockholm in April of 2014, before taking to the studio to complete work on their debut EP, The Darker, which was released on February 17th.

The three track collection begins with the pressing pianos of “Isolated”. These maintain a sense of urgency as slow, resonant vocals set in before erupting along with the instrumentation for the chorus. The result is a choir-like chant and demanding electronics that give the piece a grand scale.

Sobering synths and solemn piano keys build through resounding vocals and warm, earnest lyrics during “My BF”. It’s another dire composition, rife with passion and emotion. The quick beat combines with the absorbing harmony to forge a rousing sound that cuts deep.

The vocals are well sewn into the musical fabric of “White Skies”. The way in which the acute instrumental elements are melded with the melody has a striking impact on the senses. It’s a very active composition that feels mellow yet optimistic.

Pica Pica have demonstrated a real flare for the theatrical throughout their work here. The material featured on this compilation is powerful and ambitious, demonstrating plenty of potential for what is to come. The Darker is currently available on iTunes, while its companion piece, The Lighter, is due in May.

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