In case you missed our review of their last endeavour, Swedish pop project Pica Pica originally began as a collaboration between songwriter/artist Ida Segersten and producer Stateside back in 2013. Following the recruitment of fashion designer ClaesMikael Svensson, it soon grew to become “a creative art crew”.

The ensemble made their debut on the live scene in April 2014, while their inaugural EP, The Darker, arrived in February of this year. Now, as the summer begins, they’re gearing up for the release of its appropriately titled sequel, The Lighter.

To that end, the band have just released two tracks from the upcoming compilation as a double A-side single. The first of these, “Denial”, starts with dire piano keys that set a solemn tone going into a bracing harmony. A foreboding opening verse ensues before the tension is relieved somewhat by the addition of fast paced percussion on approach to the chorus.

The momentum continuously increases from here, generating a more upbeat sound while still maintaining a serious attitude. The whole thing relents for a brief period in the middle, then erupts back into enthusiastic electronics that speed towards a fervent finish alongside a catchy melody.

Its companion piece, “Lift Me Up”, begins very reserved instrumentally as sombre vocals sporadically chime in, all of which establishes a sobering ambience. It proceeds to grow gradually, building anticipation through its first two minutes ahead of an absorbing beat that stirs emotion as it develops. Rousing piano keys create an affecting undertone as the gentle but spirited way in which the lyrics are delivered echoes through the air. It all results in a pop piece that is both soft and resonant.

Once more, Pica Pica’s material here exhibits quite a penchant for the dramatic. Both offerings rest easy enough on the ears sound wise, while hitting hard in terms of content and poignancy. The Lighter looks set to be at least as good as its predecessor when it hits in the autumn. For now though you can find “Denial” and “Lift Me Up” bound together on iTunes.

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