American pop/rock brigade Plaid Brixx originally began to take shape at the start of 2013 when guitarist Chris Duggan decided it was time to spearhead a new ensemble. The founding frontman, who has been involved with writing and performing for various acts since the tender age of ten, was joined in his endeavour by drummer Mark LeRose and keyboardist Jared Sawaya.

Together, the trio have thrilled audiences at well-known events such as SXSW and CMJ, as well as releasing a five track debut EP called Chemistry in July of 2014. Most recently though, they teamed up with prolific production company The Agency to work on a brand new anthem entitled “The Greener Side”.

It begins with a bright beat that absorbs alongside the optimistic serenade of the opening stanza. The music maintains a merry mood beneath the vivacious vocals on the way forward, giving rise to a wonderfully warm atmosphere that’s extremely uplifting. A colourful chorus comes in to captivate towards the end of the first minute by blaring out boisterous instrumentation amid sunny singing.

An exhibition of upbeat guitars and synths follows from here to build a buoyant bridge to the next vibrant verse. The rhythm remains rapid and rousing while another happy harmony echoes enthusiastically across the air. It all drifts determinedly in the direction of a delicate breakdown around the midway mark before a cheerful climactic chorus arrives to enthral ahead of a fervent fade out.

Plaid Brixx have forged an incredibly chirpy tune here that stays exciting and sprightly as it unfolds. Its accessible sound and jovial demeanour are sure to find favour with fans of a multitude of genres. You can experience “The Greener Side” for yourself on iTunes now.

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