Playmaker are an exciting up and coming four piece based in London. The group consists of Paul Rey-Burns: Vocals/ Guitar, Matt Monks: Guitar/Vocals, Stacy Harman: Bass and Pete Lewis: Drums. FostAir have announced that the group’s album ‘The Girl Who Thought She Could Fly’ will be released on March 30th 2015. Playmaker are distinguished by their impressive live performances at home and abroad, gaining a respectable reputation on the London alternative music scene. The group have also enjoyed some success in China, playing a number of shows in Beijing. They are also the first ever British act to perform in Qingdao, China. The band describe their sound as an ‘eclectic mix of drums and wires’, with a slight hint of some grungy undertones to their sound too, which help foster this bands unique sound.

‘Intium’ introduces the album with the calming sound of chirping birds, the summery atmosphere is short lived and soon suffocated by an intoxicating guitar riff as ‘Intium’ effortless flows into the beginning of the title track ‘The Girl Who Thought She Could Fly’. As the title track it jumps right in, doesn’t hold back and pushes the band’s self appointed sound of ‘eclectic mix of drums and wires’. The chorus is orchestrated spectacularly with the instrumentals complimenting every aspect of this track. ‘Save Me From Myself’ just like ‘The Girl who Thought She Could Fly’ delivers incredibly on every level, a wonderfully executed chorus coupled with arresting sound of the ‘wires’ makes this track one of the stand out songs on the album.

‘The End of The Very Last Day’ is one of those songs that would come alive on stage, on the album the song is good but not great, but arguably it would better suit a live setting. ‘Coming Down’ is another track that would be charming at an intimate gig. This song delivers well on the album, however due to its deep and personal lyrics it would flourish better at a small gig. ‘Little White Lies’ feels almost reminiscent of ‘Go With The Flow’ by Queens of The Stone Age, although set at a much slower pace, again it should be noted that this number incorporates some impressive instrumentals and hard hitting lyrics. ‘Reload’ and ‘Exitus’ close the album, ‘Reload’ is a high energy track to close the album, offering the listener an impressive plethora of boisterous guitar riffs and exhilarating drumming. ‘Exitus’ operates as the outro with a sombre synth the album comes to an abrupt end and you are left wanting more.

An eclectic mix of drums and wires (and some grunge) is definitely the best way to describe these rowdy Londoners sound. An energetic album packed full of future hits, Playmaker’s music would be best suited to a live setting for it to be enjoyed at its full potential. If you enjoy artists such as The Black Keys, The Kills or Radio Moscow then it would be highly recommended to give Playmaker a listen.