Raging, Rolling, Rocking, Raiding, and Resonating. Dundalk trio Podracer released a twelve track Irish Punk Rock album in September 2012 entitled ‘Parking Cars and Pumping Gas’. This tightly bound album is an impressive combination of punk, rock, and alternative music. ‘Runes’ opens the album in a strong and assertive manner with some impressive lead guitar techniques by Alan Anderson demonstrating acute manual dexterity, and similarly with the sounds produced by Damien Carroll on Bass.

Podracer have managed to encapsulate the essence of late 80s and early 90s Punk in the striking sounds within this album. This is strong, yet delicate music that navigates its way through a plethora of docile and dominant tones, and chord progressions, with poetic and thought provoking lyrics. Nonetheless, this isn’t poetry, and the vocals are violently executed, yet contrasted with passages of gentle whispers. Such as track 2 ‘Vulpes’ where the vocals are used in a playful manner. Furthermore, intersections of vocal samples in one or two of these tracks, demonstrates this groups modern and new take on Punk Rock music. The opening of ‘Californian Boys’ takes a cynical approach to the early 60s Pop Sounds. Another clear and concise guitar riff opens this song in a playful 60s Pop Sound which then transcends into the signature sound created by Podracer. The drummer Colin Berrill carries the rhythmic formations of the album, and these rhythmic patterns are diverse, and deserve credit as they are played consistently throughout the album to create the signature Rock rhythm of ‘Parking Cars and Pumping Gas’.

Podracer have received numerous airplay and not surprisingly this album is no exception. This album is creative and demonstrates their talent as musicians, and these guys are definitely worth an eye, regardless of your preferred genre, the execution of such acute musical technique and speedy vocal projections are definitely worth merit.

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