Unless you have been under lock and key for the past two weeks, you’ll have noticed a strange presence in the air. Hoards of people shuffling through streets and fields, their eyes glazed over, their arms outstretched. No, this isn’t The Walking Dead, instead Pokémon Go has thousands across the country addicted…and as of writing, it’s not even officially been launched in Ireland yet.

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Japanese monster money spinner, the Pokémon Company (a consortium of Nintendo, Game Freak and Creatures) have revived the franchise by launching the Pokémon Go app. Even though an official Irish and European release date is nowhere in sight, although there are ways around that (Google is your friend), that hasn’t stopped it from becoming a worldwide sensation, the likes of which has never been seen before. The release of the app saw an eye-watering $9 BILLION added to Nintendo’s value. With money like that being made, it’s no wonder that Hollywood has come a-knocking.

Legendary, the studio behind Jurassic World, Godzilla, The Dark Knight Rises to name but a few, are looking to adapt the franchise into a live action movie. If reports coming out of Deadline are to be believed, then Max Landis is currently being touted to write a screenplay but no director has yet been approached to join the potential project.

Of course, this isn’t the first time Pokémon have made a feature length appearance, with twelves movies already under its belt, but a chance to revive it into a new big screen blockbuster franchise has studio executives salivating at the mouth.

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