Inspired by the life and success of popstars in the popular music industry, Popstar is a film that provides an insight into what it means to be an ordinary person who has shot to fame at a very young age and in a very little time. Presented as a mockumentary, the film has been able to accurately capture the backstage attitudes and the frontstage performances of popstars. With clever humour and jokes that are sharp and tongue in cheek, Popstar is the best comedy that has been released this year.

The film follows the journey of a successful popstar, Conner Friel who calls himself Connet4real (played by Andy Samberg), who is in the process of developing and releasing his second album hoping to follow with the same success as the first one. He comes from humble beginnings who has made it big after breaking off with his former band. Despite his apparent lack of intellect, he realises how the music industry is changing and he needs to change with the times as well. The film follows a simple and predictable plot but does it well with lots of good laughs.

The film has connotations of Zoolander in its mockery as well as fondness for the music industry. It maintains a good balance making the mockumentary look funny as well as authentic. And the jokes are genuinely funny and not completely reliant on crass humour or dirty words to get the laughs unlike most of the recent comedies. I was laughing all the way through the movie. The music of the film is completely believable and I can see the same songs and dance moves easily becoming a hit if presented in reality. The cameo appearances throughout the film add a lot of humour without getting overwhelming or stealing the attention from the main plot. You would genuinely find yourself engaged throughout the film. I can easily see this movie being a cult classic. Andy Samberg as the popstar is tailor made for this role. His comic timing is impeccable and he absolutely looks the part of he dumb but adorable music sensation. Other actors are equally good but Andy Samberg steals the show.

Good direction, clever comedy, brilliant acting and genuine laughs, I would definitely recommend watching this this weekend.

Popster: Never Stop Never Stopping is on general release now