The very underrated showtime crime drama Ray Donovan is back for its third series.

The show starts back up again on Sky Atlantic this Wednesday July 15th at 9pm.

If you haven’t watched it yet, Ray Donovan (Liev Schreiber) is a “fixer” originally from South Boston now living in Los Angeles. Much like the Mr. Wolf character in Pulp Fiction, Ray Donovan cleans up criminal messes for his clients. His father Mickey Donovan (Jon Voight) is an ex-con, who’s a constant source of anguish, anger and emotional distress for Ray Donovan and his three brothers, Terrence “Terry” Donovan (Eddie Marsan), Brendan “Bunchy” Donovan (Donovan Dash Mihok), and Daryll Donovan (Pooch Hall), Ray’s younger half-brother.

At the end of series 2 things were chaotic to say the least. However just when it looked like Ray Donovan was trapped in a corner, he found away to turn a foreboding situation, into an advantageous one.

All through the last episode Ray is threatened by Cookie Brown, Ed Cochran, and Ezra Goldman. To solve all of these threats, he kills Cookie Brown, ruins the career of FBI swinger Ed Cochran, and tells police that there’s a dead body buried under Ezra Goldman’s new hospital.

Catch up with series 1 & 2 in 3 minutes.

Series 3 isn’t going to continue where series 2 finished, it’s jumping forward in time a little bit. There are a few new additions to the cast this season, Paige Finney (Katie Holmes) and Andrew Finney (Ian McShane).

Describing how Katie Holmes fits into the show, showrunner David Hollander told the Hollywood Reporter: “She’s really built to reflect; she has her own aspirations and she’s in a very complicated relationship with her father (Ian McShane) in a very complicated family. Part of Ray’s new job this season is to manage that family. To manage not just the family’s needs for him in the business, but the family. So between tasks he finds himself being asked to deal with and watch and protect McShane’s character from what Paige might be up to.”

Ray’s wife Abby was at a crossroad last season does she stay with her husband or leave to continue her relationship with LAPD detective Jim (Brian Geraghty). Hollander said: “We thought a lot about her this year and have given Abby a deeper mining of her background. We are putting her in a place where we can explore what makes her tick a little more and get a little more empathy in the understanding of her, for sure. Not so much as a correction to last year, it’s more that we thought it was time to meet Abby, or give her a biography and a way of dealing with her family. She grows up a bit this year and she changes her approach to Ray a bit.”

As for the show’s anti-hero Mickey Donovan, will he blow all the money he won at the races, will he continue working as a movie script consultant, or will he start to change his criminal ways? “He [Mickey] moves to Hollywood with Daryll and he’s been sitting on his hands for a little bit of time. … But he’s done sitting on his hands and looking to create a new way of making money and impacting the system. And he’s going to bring Daryll into that — it will have its highs and lows, for sure,” Hollander said.

Finally, what is the mind-frame of Ray Donovan in series 3? Hollander said: Ray has embraced his self-righteousness. He’s not going to forgive people for their actions they took. It’s just a little bit hypocritical, but it is Ray. He won’t forgive Ezra and Avi for killing Kate (Vinessa Shaw). He won’t forgive Abby for her affair. He won’t forgive himself for the abuse that he tolerated or the way he’s hidden it. And he’s all very isolating.”

Watch the trailer for ray Donovan series 3 below.