Irish alt-rock ensemble Privado claim they’re ready to conquer the world in 2015 and after listening to their upcoming debut EP, it seems like they may just have it in them to do so. First forming in 2013, guitarist David Fox, vocalist Monique Wragg, bassist David Curtin and drummer Niam Gibney have been enjoying a fair few triumphs this year already.

The band’s promo single, “Open Your Eyes”, caught the attention of radio stations in both the UK and the US, while their latest release, “Immune”, was also recently featured Stateside on The Sheldon Snow Show. They’ve also been showered with plenty of praise on the live scene, having won two battle of the bands competitions as well as earning stage time at Vantastival.

These guys have certainly been doing a fine job of raising hype for their forthcoming record and I can confirm that the six track compilation definitely does not disappoint.

“Just Below the Surface” builds quickly through electric riffs and purposeful percussion before arriving at a forceful chorus. The energy increases during the second verse as the instrumentation blasts out enthusiastically alongside vigorous vocals. It’s heavy and hard-hitting without being overpowering, which succeeds in getting things off to a strong start.

“What Happens” comes next via an ominous fade in to a solemn acoustic riff and a mellow melody. The atmosphere stays cool and cutting ahead of a loud and lamenting chorus whose raw emotion makes a powerful impact. It’s a busy ballad brought to life by piercing instrumentation and passionate vocals.

“Immune” features an optimistic introduction afterwards that sets a fast pace going into a strikingly resonant harmony. Things remain absorbing and comparatively upbeat through a speedy chorus that carries a lot of spirit. It all results in a light but meaningful number which makes for a rousing listen.

“Fallen Dictator” erupts out of its wake upon a bracing riff and urgent vocals. It continues to excite as it pounds furiously forward, exhibiting plenty of vitality and expression. The amazing ferocity of this delightfully dramatic rock anthem leaves a lasting impression once it’s done.

“Your Kingdom” follows with sombre and stirring instrumentation that prefaces a heartfelt harmony which reverberates across the air to infiltrate the senses. It immediately adopts a frantic disposition despite beginning relatively reserved. Biting guitars and invigorating vocals burst forth on the approach to the finish line, bringing about a fervent finale.

“Open Your Eyes” races out of its aftermath into a wonderfully raw riff that tones back during an incredibly enthralling verse. The rhythm remains relentless as the piece sprints onwards in a brilliant and bustling frenzy of vivacious vocals and exhilarating instrumentation, without slowing down even for a second.

Privado’s material here proves that they’re one of the most genuinely thrilling up and coming acts on the national music scene at the moment. Their melodic style of alt-rock has an awesome flair for the theatrical. This, combined with accomplished instrumental skills and stunning vocal work, forges a marvellously riveting sound. For updates on when you can get your hands on the EP in its entirety, keep an eye on Facebook and Twitter, but for now you can sample each of the songs on Soundcloud.

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