The winners of last year’s Best Live Act at the Pure M Awards, King Kong Company, are back and going to blow everyone away with what they promise is an even more spectacular live performance.  They take to the stage THIS SATURDAY (8th April) and we caught up with they guys to get the lowdown.

So, 2016 was a decent year for you!  Small things like signing record deals and doing massive gigs, But of course, the highlight was winning the Pure M Award.  How are you going to top 2016 this year?

Yeah, thanks for the award, much appreciated. We didn’t get the little statue to put over our mantelpiece yet though. Is it in the post? The year kicked off with a festival in Holland and our first ever show in Belfast that sold out two months in advance. It wasn’t a bad start. Maybe we should be aiming for much bigger things this year though. Nathan Carter’s backing band for a Eurovision entry? Country and Messin’ Music?? We’ve been working on a new show for the last couple of months, so we’re expecting our biggest, best and bassiest year yet… even if we don’t get to play with Nathan Carter. 

How excited are you about the upcoming gig in The Academy?

Very. We’re going to be road testing some new tracks and stage antics, always a mixture of excitement and nerves about that. The last show at The Academy sold out, and tickets are flying out the gap for this one too, so it’s going to be a whopper of a night on Saturday April 8th (get tickets while you can because it looks like selling out). Playing to a huge crowd who have turned up especially to see us, still feels a bit surreal. It’s a huge honour, we’re always humbled by it and we try to give people (including ourselves) the best night we possibly can. We’ve been working hard on this show, so we can confidently predict that it’s going to be seven shades of savage.

Say something nice about your support acts:

They all have very good table manners, they seem relatively clean and as far as we can tell and they’re all house trained, to a degree. Konmak X Marty Guilfoyle won our inaugural buzzers bursary with a tight remix of iPop. We were delighted they agreed to play this show, not just because they spin irresistible tunes, but because they pocketed a cheque for a grand when they took the honours in our remix challenge. We’re expecting them to get the rounds in all night long. Don’t let us down boys! This Side Up blew us way the first time we saw them at Electric Picnic about three years ago. As far as we’re concerned they were better than Wu Tang Clan who played the same night. We’ve been lucky enough to share a stage with them before, and we know just how rowdy the West Coast Crew can get. Don’t miss This Side Up and if you haven’t bought their new album yet, you should remedy that situation as soon as humanly possible. 

Tell us something that nobody else knows about you:

One of our tracks has a significant amount of ABBA sample in it. There’s a bottle of Buckfast on offer for the first person to find it.

Do you have any pre-gig rituals?

Yep. Buckfast and several visits to the toilet. Both of these things are due to pre-gig nerves. They never seem to go away, but maybe that’s a good thing… unless you have to use the toilet next.

Who is the most famous person you know and like?

That would be Rocky Mills. He’s the longest serving Elvis impersonator in the world. He’s been gyrating his hips for nearly 60 years, and so much so that he had to have his hips replaced. He’s been Elvis for a lot longer than Elvis was Elivis! Rocky is an absolute gent and a legend. If you ever bump in to him on the beach in Tramore, tell him we said that he ain’t nuthin but a hound-dog.

 Who is the most famous person you know and dislike?

Phil Coulter. Prick. Our guitar player Aley got kicked by Van Morrison, so add him to the list too. Van has stumpy little legs, but his shoes were kinda pointy. 

What keeps you going? 

We love doing this. We all have day jobs and this is kind of an antidote to that side of life. It’s a release. There’s a freedom and sense of joy about it, and a lot of that has to do with how amazing our audiences are, they always give us back a lot more than we give them. When we stop enjoying it, we’ll stop doing it.

How much effort does it take to not “dial” in a live performance when you are in the middle of a hectic schedule?

With the show that we do, I don’t think it would be possible to dial in a performance, it’s built around energy. There have been gigs where we’ve been wrecked and busted up (usually late on the Sunday night of a festival), but everyone still digs deep and delivers. If we ever dialed in a gig, that would be a sign we shouldn’t be gigging. We wouldn’t accept that from a band that we went to see, so we wouldn’t expect anyone to accept it from us.

Whats your favourite song to perform live?

Whichever one we don’t fuck up. That’s something of a lottery.

And your least favourite?

The one that we really fuck up. This too is subject to the vagaries of fate.

What song from someone else is, in your opinion, the “perfect song”.

If Don’t You Want Me Baby by The Human League had sex with The Wage Don’t Fit by Sleaford Mods, the offspring of that union would be… probably really weird. There’s so many songs and even some of the really awful ones have something going for them. We were at a session after a gig recently, we didn’t know the people, we were just on the hunt for divilment.  At around 4AM, one of our crowd stuck on Witchita Lineman by Glenn Campbell. We had to leave after that. You might be asking the wrong people this question. I dunno, fuck it, let’s go with Hocus Pocus by Focus, because rock yodelling is… em… emmm… just because rock yodelling is. 

Sum up what people can expect from the upcoming gig in one sentence:

To the thump of the biggest and bassiest of beats imaginable, with a back drop of mind-bending live visuals and a retina-blowing light show, Boxhead will ignite the fuse on a stick of dirty-dubby-elctro-rock mayhem that will blow the hinges off the most stubborn of your  inhibitions. Will that do? 

Live at

The Academy Dublin, Saturday April 8th

Tickets €15.00 including booking fee from Ticketmaster