Based in the outskirts of Cavan town, Pure Rapture are a 3 piece hard rock band. They are made up of Fabian Gillick on guitar and vocals Peter Denton on bass and vocals and Siobhan Denton on drums. They plan to record their debut EP over the summer, but until then, their latest releases “Break Away” and “Monkey” serve as a taste of what’s to come.

The first song begins with a heavy guitar riff before being joined by the rest of the band, creating an infectious groove. There is definitely a strong grunge influence here, reminiscent Soundgarden’s heavier moments. The chorus changes the tone, turning into something much more melodic and hooky. Vocally, Gillick sound like a young Dave Grohl.

“Monkey” is a change in direction. Instead of heavy riffing, the song takes a much more upbeat direction. This track stands out as the one that has a more unique sound though the bands influences can still certainly be traced back to their roots by listening.

Pure Rapture have managed to release two well written, well recorded rock songs. They aren’t going to redefine rock music as we know it, but they are making some really entertaining music. They’ll be one to watch over the summer when their EP comes out.

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