Hailing from Michigan USA, and by a self confessed ‘songwriting hermit’, Puzzlecuts is a dynamic punk rock/indie solo project consisting of 3 years work. Matt of Puzzlecuts has been writing songs for ten years but only recently has the time to dedicate fully to music and play live with other musicians. Puzzlecuts’ debut release ‘, ‘Like a human being’ is an eclectic mix of  popular indie rock/punk/post punk songs, with carefully crafted melodies, heavy crashing drums, and wordy punk rock lyrics.

As for influences, Matt says his favorite and most inspirational album is Say Anything, ‘…Is a Real Boy’ ,particularly for its heavy drums and distinct punk sound.  Lyrically, he says The Hold Steady inspires him. Other influences include Elliott Smith for his vocal melodies, and also Car Seat Headrest , he says, inspired him to go ahead with Puzzlecuts as a solo project, rather than wait for the right musicians to come along to write and record with him. As of January this year, Matt finally has a full band to work with, and they will be playing shows in the very near future.

As far as the name ‘Puzzlecuts’ goes, Matt says,  ‘I settled on the name ‘Puzzlecuts’ since I like the idea that there’s an art to breaking a complete image a certain way; that it’s meant to be put back together. Viewing most broken things in reality as puzzle cuts seems to be of good sense for keeping your sanity’.

Stand out tracks include, ’The end is a vicious thing’ , a catchy, carefully crafted power chord heavy track with a distinct punk sound. ‘Cadence’,’Ongoing Sleep’, ‘Why be yourself?’, ‘Helium’, ‘Airwave Static AM Fuzz ‘, and finally the hopeful title track ‘Like a Human Being’.

’Like A Human Being’ is released on March 10th.