The Quarantined are an American alternative rock/rap/grunge band based in Los Angeles, California. The members of the band consist of Sean Martin on guitar/vocals, Kaspars Grinbergs on drums and Alex Diaz on bass. They are currently signed with Lucent Records.

‘Point the Finger’ is the first song to be released off the band’s upcoming commercial EP ‘Life on the Corner of the End’, due to be released on March 23rd of this year. The video for ‘Point the Finger’ was filmed in September 2014, and it shows the band rocking their instruments under a graffiti-laden bridge and other derelict locations, with a beautiful sunset thrown in for good measure. Martin takes up most of the camera time and quickly becomes so enamoured with the camera and creating a devilish look about himself that he fails to keep up with the song. At times his lips are clearly not matching the lyrics we’re hearing and during one particularly high vocal verse, his calm demeanour doesn’t match the aggression of his pre-recorded vocals. It can be easily excused, as it is the band’s first music video.

The song itself immediately gives off a Rage Against The Machine vibe, which is no accident considering that the band consider RATM one of their musical influences. The mixture of rap and rock work nicely, as we have seen with other rock bands, such as Papa Roach, and there is no shortage of variety in the way the band nicely combine the two genres throughout the song, which runs for over seven minutes.

Martin and Diaz complement each other on the guitar and bass, despite at times getting so loud that it drowns out Martin’s vocals, and considering that Martin’s vocals are screechingly loud (in the good sense), that is saying something. Drummer Grinbergs overdoes the symbols at certain intervals, which becomes a little distracting. However, when he’s pounding out the heavy thumps, he does so with an aggression that matches the overall theme of the song, and of the video itself.

This band has potential. They show all the signs of growing pains but that is where every reputable band must start. The first four tracks of their upcoming EP can be sampled on Bandcamp, including ‘Point the Finger’.