Alt-rock ensemble Race the Flux first sprang onto the scene from Galway back in 2011. Since then they’ve performed the length and breadth of their homeland, hitting the stage at such renowned venues as Dublin’s Olympia theatre and Whelan’s.

Following on from their 2013 debut album, Dutch Buffalo, the foursome are currently preparing to unleash a new EP upon the world. Olympians is scheduled to drop on May 8th and features five fresh tracks, two of which have recently been released as singles.

“Go! Dive! Ahh!” pounds in upon a heavy riff that continues to unfold behind raw, passionate vocals during the rousing verse. Musically, it’s very complex and technical and doesn’t always make for the smoothest listen, which in this case is not at all a bad thing. Rather, it has an enthrallingly unique, attention grabbing sound that works very well, with the accomplished execution of the guitars being particularly arresting. An extended instrumental breakdown that begins around the halfway mark burns through the senses, becoming more engrossing and grander in scale as it develops. Building constantly, it goes on to erupt to ear-splitting levels just ahead of the mellow finale.

You can find “Go! Dive! Ahh!” on Soundcloud, along with the second offering from the forthcoming record, “Big Fig”. Beginning with a cheerful beat, its relaxed pace soothes and calms as it progresses, establishing a tranquil ambience. The coarse, vigorous vocals work with the compelling instrumentation to produce an alternative anthem that’s well constructed and light in tone.

Race the Flux are obviously not content with adhering to the norms of modern rock music and do a fascinating job of forging their own singular style by thinking outside of the box. These are two very instrumentally driven pieces that play around with guitars and riffs to create something refreshingly original and exciting. From here, Olympians looks like it’s going to be an extremely enticing compilation indeed.

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