Progressive rock act Rainburn first came to life in Bangalore, India during the autumn of 2011. After beginning to gig in early 2012, they quickly built up a fanbase that allowed them to continue playing live around the southern region of their homeland into 2013. Following an opening performance for fellow Indian band Avial, at the Maritime Academy in Cochin, the foursome took to the studio to begin work on a debut EP. The result was Canvas of Silence, released in November of 2014.

Thunder and rain effects announce the compilation’s commencement before “Refuge” takes off. A mellow riff is quickly joined by heavy, bracing guitars for a steady yet cool pace. A smooth melody becomes a haunting harmony when backing vocals join in. Every member of the band is given their time to shine with a session in the middle made up of guitars that are frenzied before being tranquil, with a brief drum solo to top it all off.

“Canvas of Silence” arrives with a slick, jazzy musical introduction that glides into a heavier riff and vocals rife with attitude. The use of instrumentation throughout this track is impressive. It’s a complex composition featuring a great deal of complicated guitar work.

“Veil” is a lot darker and more foreboding than its predecessors. It’s almost sinister in sound, with the vocal tone adding to the ominous atmosphere. The air gets even more arduous later on as a musical breakdown showcases raw, howling vocals.

A much more exotic beat sets in for “Time Turn Around”. This fourth entry is soft and ballad like, coming with a harmony to match the mellow musical vibe. Its manner is a lot closer to that of the EP’s opener, despite it being shorter by almost two and a half minutes.

The behemoth of a finale, “Fragments”, begins with distorted guitars that become fast and relentless until they relax for the verse. This reprieve is only temporary as the momentum builds back up as the song unfolds. The instruments continue to speed and up and slow down in bursts until the final curtain is dropped, giving the entire effort a particularly progressive end.

Something of which Rainburn could never be accused is not making full and thorough use of their instruments. These guys have the tools and are not afraid to capitalise upon them. Canvas of Silence is an accomplished mix of progressive rock and metal idiosyncrasies. It is endowed with a sound that is sometimes technical, sometimes experimental and always admirably ambitious.

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