This is the first time we see our furry friend, Ratchet, and his stiffly humoured partner, Clank, make it onto the screens of our PlayStation 4’s.

The latest instalment in the Ratchet and Clank story we see the original story of how the unlikely pair came together to save the galaxy from the perspective of Captain Qwark.

Ratchet, who is a Galactic Ranger, now finally looks how a Galactic Ranger should. His glossy dark purple armour and matching star ship look great on the PS4.


The games mechanics are very polished and make it a dream to play. The aiming is assisted but not to the point of making the combat feel trivial.

Also the array of weapons really adds to the fun of the game, with disco ball bombs to sheep converters, this game’s weapon arsenal will amuse anyone of any age.

The story is identical to the PS2 game, but instead from the perspective of an imprisoned Captain Qwark. However, there is a massive improvement in the dialogue since the original story was released so it doesn’t feel like a total remake. There are some jokes that are aimed at a more mature audience that you will find yourself smirking at.

The levels, which are worlds in the game, are essentially the same except they are a lot more embellished and beautiful. If you played the original you will really enjoy re-visiting the beautiful worlds of the faraway galaxy.


The star ship combat engagements do not feel forced and really add to the overall experience of the game. They offer a small break from the standard shoot-em-up offered by Ratchet and Clank. While it took me a few attempts to get the hang of the inverted controls, it was not too difficult, yet offered a different sort of challenge.

The levels have been hugely improved and have added features to them which make the re-play a little different to the first game. Each level has a main objective and also an “optional” mission which you can complete at your own convenience. The order remains the same as the first game and you will find yourself reminiscing of your PlayStation 2 days.

The weapons system is very easy to use. The weapons, like Ratchet, have a leveling up system which sees the guns get more powerful and develop new features. One gun which is worth mentioning is the 8-bit blaster which actually turns your enemies into 8-bit version of themselves.


The guns also have an additional upgrade system where crystals must be collected in order to make the gun even more powerful. Each gun has a different upgrade tree with hidden powers that are unlocked once all of the other upgrades surrounding it are achieved. You really will notice a difference in the gun when you start upgrading it, and you will find it necessary to do so as the enemies get progressively harder.

One of the only criticisms of the game is the levels where you must play as Clank. The levels are trivial and time consuming, and do not contribute to the story of the game. Clank is slow and must be used to complete a series of simple tasks with little gadget bots. It is not a big issue, but when you see clank on screen, a slight groan escapes as you prepare for the next thirty minutes of dull gameplay.

Hover board racing also makes a return. The circuits are the same as the first game but are not frustratingly difficult. They are a welcome diversion for the shooting and are definitely more fun than the missions where you play as your robotic companion.

Overall the game is well executed and allows fans of the series to reminisce about their PlayStation 2 days while playing a much more modern and enjoyable version of the game.  Besides the annoying interludes with Clank, the game is a wonderful remake of the original and you can really tell they put effort into tweaking and changing the dialogue, weapons and other small changes to the levels without sacrificing the integrity of the story.